Thursday, December 18, 2008

So behind...

UGH, how long has it been since I started this blog?? I know I know, I need to update and get my room FINISHED!! But you see my hubby works for one of the Big 3 and things have quickly come to a stand still!!! So I am hoping after the 1st of the year I can get in there and get a lot done. And if you read any of my other blogs you will realize I just started one that is going to be my main focus in the coming year, Thin by 40 in 2010!! And no I'm not going to scrap it, sorry!!! The blog will be enough of a reminder :)
Until then....

Oh yeah, here is the layout from my daughters 1st Birthday :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Scrap Blog!!

We'll here it is, my first scrap blog. I guess to make it more interesting I need to get some photos on here. But I can start out by showing you the paint job my hubby did that I do have pictures of. And then in the coming week I'll take some more pictures to post :) Let me know what you think of the color.
Also I think I need to explain the border around the top of the room... I bought the XYRON 900 that takes up to a 9inch piece of paper. I'm going to make a 8X10 picture border around the top of the room. I most likely will seperate every 3 to 4 pictures with some wall art words, there like rub on's by Upper Case Living. When I get some up I'll post them.

Thanks for looking!!